Caring for everything, including the environment.

In addition to being all about luxury, the JW is also committed to earth-friendly practices. Following are the JW’s Environmental Initiatives:

Energy Consumption

  • Equipped with variable speed drive motors throughout building
  • Electronic ballast’s with energy-saving T-8 florescent bulbs in all offices and back of house areas
  • Medasys Building Management System helps monitor all air handlers, boilers, chillers and exterior lighting
  • Energy-saving florescent bulbs are installed in all guestroom lamps
  • Building itself uses free cooling in the winter months, which allows us not to use chillers
  • Inncom System for guestroom thermostats means unoccupied rooms are programmed to go into “drift mode” 
  • using minimal energy

Recycling Initiatives

  • Glass crusher recycler for non-deposit glass
  • Aluminum can crusher for deposit cans
  • Plastic crusher for all deposit plastic
  • Kitchen deep fry oil recycler
  • Florescent bulb eater with hazardous gas filter helps keep mercury out of landfills
  • Solvent recycler
  • Battery disposal recycler
  • Mechanical oil recycler

Water Consumption

  • Electronic motion sensors in all public area urinals, toilets and hand sinks reduces water consumption
  • Water saver aerators installed on all public area sinks and back of house areas
  • Weep tube irrigation system for exterior landscape areas
  • Guestroom toilet tanks are water-saving, low flush tanks

Harmful Chemicals

  • We recycle all paint waste, thinners, and solvents
  • We only purchase green cleaners
  • Safety-Kleen Corp. for disposal of harmful chemicals

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